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Our expertise lies in assisting businesses and individuals to conceive digital solutions that drive their enterprises to progress.

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What We Do?

We're a leading digital service company in Ghana, specializing in software development and digital solutions.

Software for all Sectors.

Zelus offers comprehensive software solutions for businesses across all sectors in Ghana and beyond. We are dedicated to assisting you in overcoming these challenges and facilitating your journey towards continued relevance in this dynamic landscape.

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Digital-first, customer-centered

Transform your business operations and increase profitability with Zelus's proven e-commerce strategies. Our expertise can help you achieve remarkable growth.

  • Scale up online sales.
  • Faciliate digital Payments.
  • Outperform your competition.
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We bring solutions to make life easier

Our Core Services.

Software Development

We excel in developing scalable applications by harnessing a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies. Our expertise extends to meeting the unique needs of customers across various industries in Ghana and beyond.

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Web & App Development

We collaborate with both established businesses and startups to design and develop transformative web and mobile applications.

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AI/Bot Development

Let smart AI be your little secret to success. Take control of your business with accurate feedback from special bots customized just for you.

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Digital Strategy

Our digital strategists dive into your business analytics to put together strategies for reaching your business goals.

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Our Clients

Leading Organizations Trust Zelus

We provide solutions to simplify the lives of our customers.

Public domain Softwares

Hostely Ghana

Hostely Ghana serves as a digital platform that consolidates all the hostels in Ghana, providing students with the convenience of booking and registering for accommodations from the comfort of their own homes.

Sales Master Software

Sales Master offers businesses the capability to monitor, oversee, and handle sales, inventory, and various other tasks. Experience the versatility of either offline or cloud storage options.

Pharma Pro

Pharma Pro efficiently handles a wide range of tasks within your pharmacy, including tracking product expiration dates, managing inventory, and many other essential functions.

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we have a rich history of developing a diverse range of software solutions over the years. We firmly believe that each business is unique and requires a customized approach to execution.

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